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"Welcome" from the PTSO President

What is PTSO and what does it fund?  

What type of events and fundraisers does the PTSO organize?

How can I help?

When are the PTSO meetings?

PTSO Board and Committee Members

2006-2007 PTSO Calendar

PTSO Membership Registration Form (PDF)

PTSO Handbook � Mission, Purpose, Core Values, Goals and Job Descriptions (PDF)

Dear St. John Greek Families,  

Welcome to the 2006 � 2007 school year!  We are excited to have you and your children as part of our school community and I look forward to working with you to enhance our children�s educational experience.

As President of the St. John Parent and Teacher Support Organization, PTSO, I am extending a personal invitation to you to participate in our active parent organization.  The foundation of our school is its families and you are an integral part of our success!  

Last year, PTSO raised over $60,000 through 2 fundraisers, organized 10 service projects, and provided over 1,000 service hours to benefit our students!  The efforts provided funding for:

Computers Kindergarten Building Renovation   Student Desks
Scholarships  Macromedia Software         Field Day
Library Books   Grandparents Day Luncheon  Salute the Arts
Christmas Program      Teacher Re-Certifications   Laminator
Band Equipment           Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week  Instruments     
Student Directory Atomic Learning Subscription    Class Materials

Our goal is to have 100% parent participation.  You can help in any way that fits your schedule and time availability.  Attendance at the monthly meetings is a great opportunity for you to learn what is happening at St. John and also to learn of the volunteer options that are desirable to you.  The focused meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 AM and run 60 minutes or less.

If meeting attendance is not possible, the PTSO Newsletter lists project specific volunteer opportunities under �Help Wanted� along with PTSO current events.

To become a member, just complete the Membership Registration Form and mail it to my attention or drop it off at the front desk.  Annual membership dues are $25.00 per family.  For your convenience, your account will be billed.  All members receive voting privileges and monthly emails of meeting minutes.

If you have questions, please contact me at (813)286-8434.  The PTSO Officers and Chairpersons are an impressive and team-oriented group.  You will enjoy serving with these fun and friendly parents as much as I do!  


Michelle Alonso

PTSO President

What is PTSO and what does it fund?  

The Parent Teacher Support Organization (PTSO) is committed to the improvement and enhancement of the educational and social environment of the school by providing support to the faculty and students.  The PTSO adds the special extras which enhance our curriculum. 

PTSO funds the following:

  • New Parent Breakfast

  • Select Field Trips

  • Grandparent�s Day Luncheon

  • Field Day

  • Limited equipment and materials needs

  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

  • Playground equipment

  • Library books

  • Music supplies

What type of events and fundraisers does the PTSO organize?

  • Fall fundraiser

  • Christmas Tree Stand

  • Gala

  • Walk-A-Thon

How can I help?

Our goal is to have 100% parent participation. You can help in any way that fits your schedule and time availability.  Please complete the forms below and designate in what areas you can help.  Attendance at the monthly meetings is a great opportunity for you to learn what is happening at St. John Greek!

When are the PTSO meetings?

The meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 8:15 am, with the exception of the November meeting, which will be held at 6:30 pm.

2006-2007 PTSO Board:  


PTSO Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons 


Michelle Alonso (H) 286-8434 (Cell) 240-6184

Vice President

Kristy Simon (H) 873-7084 (Cell) 610-5248

Vice President

Demi Elliott (H) 871-6012 (W) 876-4569

Treasurer/Auction Chairperson

Ashley Purdy (H) 839-7639 (Cell) 340-9452


Sherr� Smith (H) 288-1843 (Cell) 545-9211

Past President 

Angie Rodriguez (H) 872-9886 (Cell) 625-4423

Committee chairpersons

New Family Coordinator 

Jennifer McMillan (H) 805-2827 , (Cell) 361-4303

Kindergarten Representative 

Dana Ruiz, (H) 902-9325 , (Cell) 760-4278

Middle School Representatives 

Ines Garcia (H) 741-2409 , (Cell) 833-9575

Jan Donica (H) 254-5508 , (Cell) 966-4638

Corporate Programs Coordinator

Maryann McLean (H) 250-9509

Student Directory

Lisa Donaldson (H) 831-7575 , (Cell) 679-7219

Gingerbread Shop

Debbie Tsokos (H) 968-8832

Margarite Solomon (H) 251-3090 , (Cell) 505-3266

Field Day

Dana Ruiz (H) 902-9325 , (Cell) 760-4278

Grandparent�s Day

Demi Elliott (H) 871-6012 , (W) 876-4569

Lezlie Rovnanik (H) 571-2169

New Parent Coffee

Eloise Gonzalez (H) 968-7543 Volunteer Coordinator

Margarite Solomon (H) 251-3090 , (Cell) 505-3266

Fall Fundraiser

Cindy Nipper (H) 259-9776 , (Cell) 785-6800


Irene Kintas (H) 221-5236

Volunteer Appreciation Coffee

Julie Whitworth (H) 251-1787 , (Cell) 810-2884

Homeroom Representatives 2006 � 2007


Teresa Williams (Cell) 305-510-9619; Maria Miaoulis-Roberts


Debbie Tsokos  (H) 968-8832; Tammy Lavender 


Caroline Hatton, (H) 839-5047 , (Cell) 541-3509; Molly Smith (H) 835-1211 , (Cell) 494-7592

1st Grade 

Margarite Solomon, (H) 251-3090 , (C) 505-3266

Auction Items Coordinator � Jennifer McMillan, (H) 805-2827 , (C) 361-4303; Auction Basket � Stacey Whitfield (H) 837-3590

2nd Grade

Karen Huff �, (H) 237-3236

3rd Grade

Cindy Nipper, (H) 259-9776 , (Cell) 785-6800

4th Grade

Isis Castellvi  (H) 832-5252

5th Grade

Candy Hobbs, (H) 250-3626 , (Cell) 629-4186; Dina Kaufman (H) 236-2890 , (Cell) 361-3097

6th Grade

Karen Jaeger, (H) 831-5304 , (Cell) 843-7646

Caroline Collier (H) 281-4421

7th Grade

Isis Castellvi  (H) 832-5252; Judy Kent, (H) 251-0205 , (Cell) 857-8265

8th Grade

Trish Moore,, (H) 254-3685 , (Cell) 966-8245 ; Gina Almerico, (H) 254-4348 , (Cell) 335-9466

Homeroom Representative Support Team

Margarite Solomon, Volunteer Coordinator, (H) 251-3090 , (Cell) 505-3266

Dana Ruiz, Kindergarten Representative (Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten) (H) 902-9325 (cell) 760-4278

Jan Donica, Middle School Representative, (H) 254-5508 (Cell) 966-4638

Ines Garcia, Middle School Representative, (H) 741-2409 (Cell) 833-9575

2006 � 2007 PTSO Calendar





Back to School Barbeque 

School Begins � New Parent Coffee on Deck (7:30 AM � 8:30 AM )

 Sally Foster Fundraiser Kick Off




Sally Foster Orders Due

PTSO Meeting - 8:00 AM




Sally Foster Product Delivery

PTSO Meeting - 8:00 AM






PTSO Meeting � 8:00 AM


Grandparents� Day Luncheon and Program

Christmas Tree Stand Opens





Gingerbread Shop

Christmas Program

PTSO Meeting � 8:00 AM



PTSO Meeting � 8:00 AM



PTSO Meeting � 8:00 AM




PTSO Meeting -8:00 AM

Field Day






PTSO Meeting � 8:00 AM , Volunteer Appreciation Coffee

Salute the Arts





Teacher Appreciation Week

PTSO Meeting � 8:00 AM

Agenda:  2007 � 2008 Officer Slate and Funds Distribution Vote

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