Questions to Consider When Planning Your Trip:

What is the purpose of your trip?

Will you stay in one city or travel to several cities? If you stay in one city the entire week, would you take daytrips to nearby towns or villages?

Where will you stay? In a hotel? In a bed and breakfast? With relatives?

How will you move from one location to another (within one city as well as from city to city if applicable)?

What is the current exchange rate? What if it goes up or down between now and your date of departure?

When will you go? Keep in mind when peak tourist season is for your destination. Prices tend to be higher then.

Will you be there for any holidays or special festivals?

How much will you budget for meals? Lodging? Transportation? Activities and attractions? Souvenirs? Snacks?

How will you plan activities for each member of your family? Keep in mind that your grandmother may not want to see the Skateboarder’s Hall of Fame. She may prefer to visit the World Famous Art Museum.