Roles and Responsibilities

There are three of you on your team. You will need to read through each of the different roles and then choose which one each of you will assume. Each of you will be responsible for different research elements. Any research task that is not specifically assigned to one person may be completed by anyone in your group, so long as you find all of the information you need. You will all work together to complete the final project. You will be responsible for dividing those duties among the three of you, unless your teacher tells you otherwise.

Transportation Expert         Culture & Cuisine Expert         Jack-of-all-Trades

Transportation Expert

As the Transportation Expert, you will be required to research transportation to and from your destination, as well as the exchange rate.

How early do you need to arrive at the airport for an international flight? Are there special considerations to take when packing your bags? You will want to check out the Website for the airport from which your group is departing.

You might fly to the capital and then take a train or another plane to your first stop.
How much will it cost for you to get there and back? How will you get around once you arrive at your destination? What does the local transportation by bus or subway cost?

What are the options if you want to visit several cities during your visit? How can you travel from City A to City B? What will it cost by plane? Train? Bus? What does that equal in dollars at the current exchange rate? The Transportation Expert needs to weigh all the options to find the best one for this family!

Remember, all of this comes out of your budget! Keep in mind that you are providing transportation for all three members of the group. Does transportation cost the same for each member of your group?

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Culture & Cuisine Expert

As the Culture and Cuisine Expert, you get to have fun investigating the local culture and attractions, as well as local cuisine (specialties).

What attractions are worth visiting in different parts of the destination country? How much will each attraction cost? Will everyone in your family want to visit them? Will it cost the same for each person? When are the attractions open? You'll need to know the hours of each attraction when you work on the itinerary!

Are there some places that are free to visit? What are some activities that every member of the family will enjoy? Are there things each member might prefer to do separately?

Will your group be there for any holidays or special festivals? If so, which one(s)?

Are there any special tours that might interest the group? How much would it cost for all three members of the family?

What is the official language? What other languages are widely spoken? Is your group going to have to learn some useful phrases in the native tongue to survive their journey, or will English be sufficient?

What type of cuisine is the destination country known for? Are there regional specialties that the group should absolutely try? Is there anything they might want to avoid on menus? What are the names in English and in the local language?

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As the name indicates, the Jack-of-all-Trades is responsible for several different, seemingly unrelated but essential items. You will locate information regarding special safety concerns, geographical features, and the climate of your destination. As the Jack-of-all-Trades, you are the go-to person for safety, terrain, and weather questions.

Are there any special safety concerns related to the chosen country? What will your group need to know before they go? What precautions, if any, will they need to take? Check out the State Department link on the Resources page to find out. 

What type of security checks will they go through on their trip? You may want to look at the departing airport's Website to find out about security checks, and discuss this with the Transportation Expert.

Are there mountain ranges that your group may want to climb? Are there rivers or seas where they will want to sail? You will be traveling during the summer and need to consider this.

What type of weather might you typically expect during your visit? Will it affect what you do during your trip? When are you going? Don’t forget to choose exact dates for your trip, consulting with the other experts on your team.

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