Your project grade will be based on your ability to work with your teammates to create a realistic itinerary on a budget of $6,000 for your trip. Your team will need to cooperate to complete the project on time according to the directions.











Travel Itinerary is Realistic


Itinerary reflects little to no effort to plan a realistic trip.
Itinerary reflects some effort to plan a realistic trip, i.e. the group does not try to travel to three cities in one day.
Itinerary is generally realistic, i.e. you might choose a few sights to visit in one day.
Itinerary is perfectly realistic. A travel agent would be impressed!


Itinerary Meets the Needs of All Travelers



Itinerary shows no effort to meet the various needs of travelers in different generations.
Itinerary shows that some effort was made to meet the needs of people in different generations.
Considerable effort was put into creating an itinerary to meet the needs of each traveler.
The itinerary meets all the possible needs for various travelers in the group.


 Detailed Budget Covers All Expenses


Little to no effort was made to organize a detailed budget.
Some effort was made to stay within the poorly organized budget.
Well-organized budget reflects considerable effort made to stay within guidelines.
Budget is carefully detailed and covers all expenses.

 Overall Quality of Completed Project

Project is incomplete or reflects little overall effort.
Completed project is of mediocre quality.
Completed project is of very good quality.
Completed project is of outstanding quality.


Team Work
Hardly listens to or shares with others; rarely ready to work; often causes problems on the team
Makes an effort to listen to and share with others; not always a good member of the team.
Usually ready to work; listens to and shares ideas with others; does not cause problems within the group.
Almost always ready to work;  listens to and shares ideas with others; keeps team organized.


No bibliography, or one that shows little effort to follow MLA format, is turned in.
An effort has been made to create a bibliography in MLA style but there are problems.
Bibliography reflects MLA style, may contain a couple of minor errors; generally in correct format.
Bibliography completed in MLA style, all entries in alphabetical order.


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